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Okay, so in my social-media naiveté, I’ve been posting my “Potpourri of the Damned” blog updates on Fridays (sometimes even LATE in the day on Fridays).  My thought was that followers could get it on a Friday, and then read it at their leisure over the weekend.

My thought now is that I’m a moron.

Apparently, Mondays and FRIDAYS (particularly after 3pm on Friday) are the absolute fucking WORST times to release a blog-post if you are trying to build an audience.

With this in mind, I will now be releasing posts on Wednesdays.  My new Potpourri of the Damned post, “ABSURDISM 101,” will appear here on October 1st.  Until then, enjoy this teaser currently up on my Twitter page…

ABSURDISM 101: While Congress declared it ‘National Otter Pops Day,’ Sir Isaac Lime secretly handed a fat envelope to a congressional aide.”

“What the fuck?” you react mindlessly as if the homeless bag lady sporting the soiled newspaper-diaper sitting next to you in the subway car was actually sane enough to grasp your intent to express confusion.

Exactly, my friend.  Exactly.

Welcome to my absurd world….

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