Oh, Those “Mattery” Words!

by Joe Buonfiglio


“Why yes, I do like to cup my balls. Thank you for noticing.”


In the no-holds-barred down-in-the-mud political climate of the current presidential race for the White House, this abundantly clear point has been driven into my brain as if a pickax into a threatening zombie’s rotting cranium.

You can’t go around calling women pigs, praising ruthless world leaders because they said nice things about you and call your opponent out as a liar when you lie even more.

Are there no consequences?  Is this the point we’ve reached in American “democracy”?

Hate speech was finally reaching a place in American society that it had to slink back into the shadows. Now, thanks to the presidential campaign of a particular candidate, it’s all okay to put it back out in the open, even render it en vogue. It’s all just peachy again to be openly racist, openly misogynistic, openly homophobic, openly violent toward those who disagree with your point of view; read: openly an asshole!

What in the name of anti-fascist democratic values is going on here? How can so many of us be supporting a presidential candidate who has engaged in such verbal abominations as: Mexicans are rapists; the US military should be directed to commit war crimes; a US-born judge can’t be impartial, because of his Mexican heritage; advocating the assassination of terrorists’ families; urging supporters to beat up protesters at rallies; making fun of a reporter with disabilities; banning those of a particular faith from entering the country; suggesting the US should partially default on its debt; drag your feet when it comes to denouncing white supremacists who offer praise; endorse the use of torture as an intelligence-gathering technique; malign a war hero, because he got captured; openly admire the “strength” of authoritarian regimes and their leaders; bar reporters who don’t provide coverage in a favorable light from campaign events; try to unravel the legitimacy of the first African-American president with a “birther” campaign; brag about one’s genitalia during a public debate; demean a US senator by calling her “Pocahontas” and “the Indian”; criticize the face of a female political opponent; express Mexico should and can be forced to pay for a massive border-wall against its will; erroneously suggest a political opponent’s father was involved in the assassination of a US president; publically shame a Miss Universe winner for gaining weight; equate “sacrifices” made in business life to that of the parents of a US soldier who was killed in war; joke about Second Amendment advocates shooting a political opponent; call on Russia to hack an opponent’s emails; and on and on and on ad nauseam?

Now, if you think I’m being unfair to YOUR candidate and engaging in some form of unwarranted character assassination, let me ask you this: How did you know of whom I was speaking?

I mentioned no names anywhere in this post.

I even went to great lengths to avoid bringing up the gender of this political candidate of whom I criticized.

So how did you know — know EXACTLY — whom I was talking about? All I did was point out a bunch of idiotic, insulting and outright dangerous statements of A political candidate reflective of a raging narcissist with the vocabulary of a second-grader and a juvenile temperament to match, not a specific political candidate by name. So, how is it you know who this nightmare is?



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