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by Joe Buonfiglio


I’m using this blog-post to reach out to all of my social media friends who are in the anti-Trump camp to support this campaign and enjoy a fun-n-FREE download of the song DONNY, DONNY, DONNY! by the Unintentional Martyrs™ in support of the Never Trump movement.  If you follow the link provided below, you can become a part of this Thunderclap campaign (at no cost to you) by clicking on the red support buttons to carry my campaign announcement via your Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr accounts (or go back and support via ALL THREE!) by the NOON, October 26th deadline.  And then, in the blue announcement box at the top of the campaign’s page, you’ll be able to follow a link for your free download of the song.

Here’s the link to my Thunderclap campaign:

Thanks for your help in getting the word out.  And if you have anyone you know who would like to support this anti-Trump effort and enjoy the free download, by all means, forward the Thunderclap link to them:

Thanks … AND VOTE!

Donny Revisited Art


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