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 Donald J. Trump is now the president-elect of the United States of America.

In the wee hours of the morning on November 9th, I repeated that shocking revelation to myself over and over and over again in mantra fashion with the sincere hope that my brain would grow overwhelmingly weary by the mundanely repetitive assault by what I had come to believe was adverse to common sense. The goal was to have my media-battered grey matter passively accept this as reality so that I could finally get to sleep.

Didn’t happen.

So I tried to take the “high road” — as the now embarrassingly humiliated-in-defeat Hillary Clinton was once so fond of saying — and blasted the following out to my various social-media platforms in an effort to show myself as the better person:


My point of self-righteous pride was to be accentuated by leaving all commentary at this classy doorstep.

End of story.

Just walk away now.

Leave it right where it aaaaaaaaand yup, that lasted for about three seconds; just too pissed off for it to take root.

The fact of the matter is that I admittedly became as angry and vitriolic as the people in the opposition’s camp I accused of, well, being angry and vitriolic. Now in my defense, I never punched or otherwise physically assaulted anyone from the opposition at a rally, as did those lovely “Basket of Deplorables” at cheering sessions for The Donald. But to be honest, under the right circumstances, I probably could have; I was certainly angry enough to do so.

And there’s the grope—er, rub.  See, Election 2016 had more far-reaching consequence the any nasty two-party race. It wasn’t just candidates who were getting the shit kicked out of them; it was American democracy itself.

We threw away a woman who, granted, had some email server fuckups, but was a First Lady, a US Senator and an acclaimed (at least before she decided to run for president) US Secretary of State. Instead, we elected a billionaire (as far as we know, since he refused to show his tax returns) playboy who is a KKK-endorsed racist, misogynistic to the point of sexual predation, homophobic, xenophobic, Putin-loving, completely unqualified for the job, narcissistic, bombastic buffoon. And, we did so with just about a 50-50 split— No, a 50-50 tear in the fabric of space-time to bring the core principals of American society to its knees.

We’re not just a “house divided”; we’re a house irreparably torn asunder. Now, of course, we’ve been here before … sort of.

Kind of.

Well no, not really. See, the difference is the president-elect himself: Donald J. Trump. A self-described admirer and student of Mussolini, as well as a big fan of current Russian president and strongman Vladimir Putin, Trump’s authoritarian-inclined policies and approaches cooked in the caldron of his reality-show narcissism and desperate need for adoration are frightening.


MY PREDICTION: When Trump’s loyal followers realize that he cannot deliver on his promises, their adulation will turn to anger. Trump’s narcissistic ego will not be able to handle this, causing him to manufacture a major crisis that demands he be given unprecedented powers. These will be granted to him by the Republican-controlled Congress backed by the newly appointed Conservative Supreme Court.

And that, my friends, is how a Fascist dictator is born.

This has not been a simple struggle of one party over another, Conservatives over Progressives; this is a fight for American democracy itself. We Americans have always fought against Fascism. Just because the fascists will now not be outside of our borders, but within, changes nothing.

Think that’s over the top? Think I’m just being inflammatory?

We’ll see.

So until I’m either proven right or wrong about Great Leader Trump, let me leave you with this thought:

We tell our kids don’t be a racist. We tell our kids don’t treat women with disrespect. We tell our kids to treat the disabled with dignity. We tell our kids don’t be a bully.

What the hell do we tell them now?

Go ahead. Ignore all that bullshit and you might become president.

Find a Resistance group. Join it.



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One thought on “TRUMP WINS!

  1. avatar Foster Thorbjornsen says:

    Great post Joe. Fully agree. I share the same fears.

    As a former attorney who extensively studied the US Constitution and history, I will add that I cannot expect the Constitutional limits on presidential power to be honored in a crisis. Our nation’s history has multiple examples of the Constitution being ignored in a crisis. From the internment of Japanese-American citizens during World War II to the enactment of the Patriot Act, our nation and its leaders, with the approval of a fearful populace, have willfully violated the Constitution when convenient. I have no doubt we and they will do so again. All it would take is another 9/11.

    So while some people may scoff at your prediction of Trump becoming a fascist dictator, our history confirms this is not only possible but quite likely under the “right” circumstances.

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