ENJOY A HOLIDAY MARTYR TODAY! … Not Intentionally, of Course.

(And Damned Inexpensive, Too!)

by Joe Buonfiglio

Well, I’m taking some time off in December to cram in some last-minute business before New Year hits the calendar so the IRS doesn’t send another sympathy card when they see my income statement on my tax return.

Okay, I’m actually getting started on my underground survivalist’s prepper-bunker before Trump takes office and control of the nuclear codes, but I didn’t want to seem as if a whiny loser by revealing that. And no, you can’t stay with me when the Trumpian Antichrist starts the Apocalypse rolling. Get your own damn bunker. I only have enough SPAM and Fiji water for me!

Anyway, it’s the gift-giving season, so I thought I’d turn you on to some downloadable gifts that are fun and won’t break the bank. It’s the music of UNINTENTIONAL MARTYRS™.


So if you think songs with titles such as Porn Pin Blues, Bad Words, Science Denier, Unintentional Martyrs (of course) and the Trumpian delight that started it all, Donny, Donny, Donny might be an entertaining way to fill that special someone’s stocking, listen to them all (click on each song’s “WATCH TRAILER” at the site) and download for ONLY 99¢ each here:


It’s only 99¢, so what the FUUUUUUUAAAAA-LA-LA-LA-LA. LA-LA. LA. LAAAAAAAAA!


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