by Joe Buonfiglio

At the time of this writing, we are on the cusp of New Year’s Eve and 2016 is about to be placed into the history books.


I won’t dwell on why; this is personal for each of us. Be it the inability to find work in certain industries or locations in America, the house which is this great nation so bitterly divided it may never come together before our once-great democracy collapses under the weight of its own vitriolic stupidity, world horrors that increase exponentially on a daily basis, terrorism or the impending Trumpian nightmare; 2016 will forever be THE YEAR THAT SUCKED!

So no, I will NOT be raising a glass of champagne to remember 2016 by way of Auld Lang Syne. At best, this crappy year should be lamented over a mug of flat Schlitz.


 — Joe

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2 thoughts on “GOOD RIDDANCE, 2016!

  1. Actually, I have a fondness for Schlitz due to it being the beer that I used to steal from my grandmother’s fridge when I was a kid. Otherwise, I agree––2016 pretty well bites. The only reason I’m not happy to see it go is that I fully suspect that 2017 could well be much worse. Happy days and Happy New Year! SHOULD AUUUUUULD ACQUAINTAINCE BEEEEEEEEE FORGOT……….

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