Writer, humorist & “Literary Absurdist” Joe Buonfiglio loves penguins (quite literally) … and cheese spread… often at the same time. Oh, and his best friend is a caramelized onion named Silvia. That’s probably important to know about him. If you’re weird enough to want to experience more of his locker-room intelligentsia laced with the tears of polite society, go to his Twitter page @JoeBuonfiglio (https://twitter.com/joebuonfiglio) and his often dark and always strange Absurdist-humor blog “Potpourri of the Damned” here at JoeBuonfiglio.com. We now return you to the “Gardening with Toilet Duck” program.

Are you still here?

What the hell is wrong with you?

“ABOUT”?  You want to know what this is all about?  Seriously?  I’ll make you a deal; I won’t ask you when the last time you got laid was and you don’t ask me to explain what this is all about. Good? Good.

You’re not going away, are you?

Okay, look; my literary-fare usually has a goal of both amusement and bemusement, but I make no promises.  Formulaic self-censorship is not my thing.  My style of craft has been called “ribald academia,” “locker-room intelligentsia” and even “the nasty Dave Barry.”  (I’m not quite sure how I feel about that last one.  Shit, I’m not quite sure how Dave Barry would feel about that last one … but I have a pretty good idea.)  I’ll run the gamut from unusual to strange to absurdist to outright Bizarro-genre.  So dive into my big blog-burrito and take a bite.  It’ll burn a little, but what the hell, right?  You might as well get the literary trots here as anyplace else.

Oh yeah, you can probably expect something I write to offend you in some manner at least once if you “follow” long enough.  My roach coach d’literati was just rated “MA” by the blog-health inspector, so insect- and rodent-feces are just a given.  Deal with it.

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