Rocky Mountain (Too) High?

by Joe Buonfiglio

And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high;
I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky.
You can talk to God and listen to the casual reply.
Rocky Mountain high….
— John Denver

Ah, Rocky Mountain High by the late, great John Denver; was there ever a song that lifted your spirits higher?  This tune would come on the radio and your cares would simply … if but for a few moments … dissipate into the ether and, thus, render your soul lighter than it had a right to be.

Rocky Mountain High.

Yes, but is it too high?

What first strikes you when traversing Colorado and its slice of the Rocky Mountains is the breathtaking beauty.  Scenes such as this…

And this…


And these…

And then, Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 on November 6, 2012 outlining a statewide drug policy for cannabis.  This led to its “official” legalization of recreational marijuana in January 2014 whereby authorized stores could sell it.  So while I should have been focused on nature’s grandeur as depicted in the heavenly scenes above — be it the thin air delightfully dancing around the hardcore brownies or the flavorful Gummies of the kine bud washed down with the generously poured vodka in myriad libations of choice —  I found myself engaged in more absurdly inexplicable Colorado Rocky Mountain High visions such as these…

And what in the name of all that’s holy is this thing?

And this monstrosity from the bowels of tourist Hell…

You’re kidding, right?  I mean, I like tea and all, but really?

Come on.  Seriously?  The historic Stanley Hotel (where Stephen King wrote The Shining) is doing this on purpose, right?  The place can’t just naturally be this creepy…. … … Can it?

OH, MOTHER OF—  Not a good place to be after a brownie binge!

What does it say on that old typewriter’s manuscript?


I am definitely — DEFINITELY — too Rocky Mountain High.


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